Welcome to New Mexico's
New Elder World
Engaging New Mexicans Aged 50-70+

About NM-NEW

Our Vision
is to create the conditions
for an age friendly world where those aged 50-70+
(we affectionately call this group of people New Elders) are regarded for their wisdom, expertise, and life experience.

Our Mission
is to capture the genius and proactively engage New Elders by providing pathways of engagement through learning events, work and/or volunteer opportunities, and social connections.

NM-NEW is creating a place where businesses, nonprofits, and civic organizations can find qualified people ready to share their skills, wisdom, and expertise.

Our innovative online HUB will serve as a clearing house of the many resources readily available, a place where New Elders find guidance toward their next endeavor. 

About Us

Invest in NM-NEW

NM-NEW is a 501(c)(3) organization. 

NM-NEW's programs and events are made possible through the generosity of donors, sponsors, grants, and people like you. Donations are tax-deductible.

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Join Us!

NM-NEW is just that - new! We are building the foundation and invite New Elders age 50-70+ to join us to co-create the kind of world our hearts desire right here in New Mexico.

We want to hear from you! NM-NEW is an organic organization, growing with the needs and interests of our community.

As we build, join us at an online event to meet others in the community and talk about ageing well in New Mexico!

Are You a New Elder?

New Elders are skilled people who have retired from or nearing retirement from their career and are ready for the next chapter in midlife. Some choose to share their wisdom and expertise with others as consultants, part-time employees, advisors, board members, coaches, mentors, or volunteers.

New Elders may prefer to stay actively engaged in the business, nonprofit or civic sectors, but usually at a pace they determine.

New Elders are a unique group of people who understand the value of intergenerational collaboration and recognize the importance of cultivating future leaders.

New Elders often care about the well-being of the economy, the State of New Mexico and all its citizens.

New Elders are resilient and embrace change, diversity & inclusion, innovation, and collaboration.

New Elders enjoy sharing their expertise, wisdom, and the desire to cultivate deeper meaning in their relationships.

New Elders often start new businesses themselves! In fact, the average age to start a business is 51.