What is a
New Elder?

New Elders are experienced professionals 
(typically 50+ years of age) who have retired or are near retirement from their career roles and may wish to share their wisdom and expertise with others as consultants, part-time employees, advisors, board members, coaches, mentors, or volunteers.

New Elders might want to stay engaged and remain active participants in the business, nonprofit, or neighborhood communities.

New Elders are an elite group of people who often understand the value of intergenerational collaboration and recognize the importance of cultivating future leaders.

New Elders often care about the well-being of the economy, 
the State of New Mexico and all its citizens.

New Elders are resilient and could embrace change, diversity & inclusion, innovation, and collaboration.

New Elders might enjoy offering expertise, wisdom, and the desire to cultivate deeper meaning in their relationships to work, people, our state, and the planet.

New Elders often start new businesses themselves! (51 is the average age to start a business).

New Elders

New Elders are the actively engaged, 
the entrepreneurs, the energized young segment of elders new to the multigenerational group of professionals ready to move beyond the corporate ladder to live the next phase of their lives in a meaningful and collaborative way. 

They are ready, willing, and very capable of sharing their valuable wisdom.

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